CNS Systems delivers reliable products based on the latest technology, developed and manufactured according to rigorous quality standards.

 Certified for critical applications and compliant with standards, they can easily be integrated with customers’ existing systems and with future investments. AIS Solutions consist of a variety of AIS Software and AIS Hardware and we offer customized solutions and products in close cooperation with our customers. The solution components are also offered separately, such as AIS Base Stations for VTS / VTMIS and other system integrators or standalone software licenses to cover any operational gaps.


AIS Base station

VDL 6000/FASS, VDL 6000/FASS Advanced

The VDL 6000/FASS is a fully certified AIS Base Station. Compliant with all relevant AIS Standards, the AIS Basestation receives Standard AIS messages. Contained within the Physical Shore Station (AIS-PSS), AIS Data is stored locally, and forwarded to the Logical Shore Station (AIS-LSS) for data management and distribution to clients, data storage applications, and third party applications. AIS Base Stations are offered in Advanced, Basic, Repeater configurations with or without redundancy.

  • VDL 6000/FASS
  • VDL 6000/FASS Advanced 
  • VDES (under development)

AIS Airborne

VDL 6000 Airborne AIS System (Secure option)

AIS VDL 6000 Airborne System is developed in compliance with maritime AIS standards, for aircraft installation for use in Search and Rescue (SAR) and Coastal surveillance missions. The AIS Airborne transponder greatly enhances surveillance of large areas. The localization and identification of all AIS equipped vessels greatly increases national security, environmental protection efforts and the possibility of rescuing vessels in distress. AIS-equipped aircraft, with their high speed and expansive VHF coverage, are well suited to be used in SAR-operations.


  • VDL 6000 Airborne AIS

AIS Mobile Transponder

Class A AIS VDL 6000 Transponder (Secure, W-AIS option)


The VDL 6000 AIS Secure Transponder builds on existing AIS technology and supports a user to receive, schedule and transmit encrypted messages to other users. The data link communication covering identity, position, destination and other required static, voyage-related and dynamic data which gives all assets in an area increased situational awareness and improves safety.


The VDL 6000 AIS Secure transponder is recently updated in compliance with STANAG 4668 Ed.2 and STANAG 4669 Ed.2, and also comes with a built in proprietary Advanced Encryption Standard. The Secure Transponder is also offered in a sealed waterproof casing.


  • VDL 6000 Class A
  • VDL 6000 Secure
  • VDL 6000 Secure (Sealed)



Horizon II

Shore-based vessel monitoring


Horizon II is a shore-based management and monitoring solution.  Designed for Vessel Traffic, Port Monitoring, SAR, and Aids to Navigation centres, Horizon II provides clients with a real-time AIS data display of Class A, Class B, Aids to Navigation (AtoN), and standard SAR aircraft. Authorized clients can send and receive safety related, and application specific AIS messages (ASM).

Horizon’s interface and display of AIS related information offers a substantial leap forward in the ability to communicate and interact with vessels. Horizon II is a Microsoft Windows software application.

Seascape III

Situational Awareness


SeaScape III, CNS Systems’ solution for the display and management of real-time Automatic Identification System (AIS) target data, improves efficiency and safety in today’s fast paced marine navigation environments. SeaScape III provides Port and Waterways managers worldwide with increased situational awareness and the tools to monitor and communicate critical information to mariners.

Features include the display of real-time AIS information on a browser-based Plotter, reports on vessels entering and exiting designated zones, area notices to inform vessels about dynamic navigational issues and environmental messages to inform vessels of dynamic environmental conditions in an area.

SeaScape’s browser-based solution means increased accessibility for users as operators can log in from any location. No standalone applications are required, which greatly reduces the cost and simplifies administration processes. 


Data Distribution and Management


DataSwitch is a data routing and management software application that provides a reliable flow of data to your environment. DataSwitch supports the functionality defined in IALA Recommendation A-124.  It is ideal for the collection, filtering, logging, and sharing of AIS data over networks.

For shore-based networks, DataSwitch enables the flow of information from one or more AIS base stations, receivers and sensors to a control center. Similarly, a VTS center can send vital information to a regional headquarters, and then on to a national entity via another DataSwitch.

For a vessel-based network, DataSwitch can send information from any attached NMEA devices (sensors) to a number of stations on the vessel. The distribution of both standard and proprietary data messages from one central location to shared locations makes DataSwitch essential in many diverse environments.


Data Recording and Playback


DataStore is a real-time data storage and playback system.  Compliant with e.g. Microsoft SQL, and Oracle products, the system can be configured to store all data or a subset with storage requirements varying accordingly.  DataStore provides authorized users with the ability to playback data based on various filters, for display in client software, distributed to other applications, or stored as files.  DataStore consists of a Windows service, and a Microsoft Windows application.


AIS Network Management and Monitoring

Maestro is a real time AIS Network management and monitoring system.  Compliant with IALA AIS Service Management (AIS-SM) guidelines, Maestro acts as the controlling entity for each component within the AIS network. Maestro performs real time monitoring and displays errors and alarms associated with the AIS system.  Maestro provides authorized users with the ability to perform various administrative tasks as it understands the communication relationships between the AIS-LSS’s, AIS-PSS’s, various clients and applications.  Maestro consists of a Windows service, and a web based user interface. 

Ocean Insight

Shore based Analysis and Reporting

Ocean Insight is a Shore based Analysis and Reporting solution.  Designed to interface with DataStore, Ocean Insight provides authorized users with the ability to perform analytical functions on recorded AIS data.  Reports can be designed to quantify any number of data statistics, and can be generated manually, or automatically based on a schedule. Ocean Insight is offered as an add-on module for Maestro.


Surveillance and tactical information

Sentinel is an AIS surveillance and tactical information solution.  Sentinel offers standard AIS and private communication capabilities to deliver tracking information to all networked Sentinel participants.  Sentinel is offered as an add-on module for Horizon and Aldebaran IV.

Aldebaran IV

Onboard Electronic Chart System (ECS)

Aldebaran is an Electronic Chart Systems (ECS).  Designed with advanced navigation and communication features for use by professional mariners, Aldebaran offers complete AIS integration, a multitude of electronic chart formats and a variety of module options.  Aldebaran is a Microsoft Windows software application.


Airborne Electronic Chart System (ECS)

Pegasus is designed with advanced navigation and communication features for use by professionals for improved airborne situational awareness.

The ECS offers complete AIS (Automatic Identification System) integration with the ability to display static, dynamic, and other related information in real-time on a multitude of electronic chart formats. As well, the ECS has the ability to send safety related text messages to other aircraft, vessels and shore-based administrators.